Monday, April 20, 2015

Be Alert!

I need encouragement.  You need encouragement.  And while people often fail us on a daily basis, God provides the encouragement we need.  Sometimes that is through another person and either a kind word or deed.  Sometimes it is by providing an answer to our prayers.  And many times it's by blessing us in a multitude of ways each day.

But we need to keep our eyes open if we are going to see those blessings.  We often walk through our day without noticing the little ways God is encouraging us.  We feel as if we are under a cloud and that everything is going wrong. Sometimes, we can feel like God doesn't care about us and our problems.

Yet, if we would just be aware and alert, those little encouragements become very noticeable.  And in fact, we will begin to see more and more blessings.  We will come to understand that the Lord is very active in our lives.

Keep alert.  Open your eyes.  Look for those blessings!  They are right there before you.  You just need to see them!

This week I'm thankful for blessings #2401 -  2410.

2401. A very productive week.  I was able to get two very large orders finished in record time.

2402. A wonderful evening out with my husband.

2403. Beautiful weather, blooming flowers and brilliant blue skies.

2404. Gorgeous sunsets.

2405. Meeting new friends through my business.

2406. Great conversations in our small group.  It's been wonderful digging into God's word.

2407. A wonderful lunch with a friend.

2408. The blessings of making my own soap, both for my own use and for sale.  I love learning and mastering new things.

2409.  An encouraging lunch and visit with our district superintendent and the district administrator.  It's uplifting to hear, "Good job!" every now and then.

and finally....

2410.  God's little blessings, right in front of my eyes and noticeable when I take the time to look!