Friday, June 19, 2015

A Day Trip

We spent the day yesterday visiting Stephen at the campground where he is working this summer.  It's actually more like a resort and boy, would I love to stay there, but would never be able to afford it.  The least expensive accommodation with meals would cost us about $1,500 for the family to stay for a week which is not my idea of frugal living! :-)

But it is such a beautiful setting.  It is a Christian camp that is set in the Adirondack Mountain State Park.  There are nothing but forests, mountains and lakes surrounding it.  Stephen absolutely loves his job!  He gets to make sure the guests are comfortable, happy and he also gets to shuttle them around all summer. 

It was wonderful to see him so relaxed and happy. (Dan decided he needed to close his eyes at this exact moment).

He gave us a tour of the entire site which was beautiful.  We took him for lunch and he showed us around the area.  The low peaks of the Adirondacks are there and since it's only 2 1/2 hours away, we are planning on going on one of his days off and go hiking with him. I might be able to rope my aunt and uncle into coming since they only live 30 minutes from the camp and love the outdoors.

He has always loved nature and being outside so he truly has the perfect job for him this year.  On his days off he can go canoeing or hiking. 

I think I might like to work there too! ;-)