Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Crafty Things


I've been busy sewing (what's new) the past week and I actually was able to start making a few things to build up my inventory.  I'm supposed to be bringing things into a local gift store where I will be a vendor but I have nothing to bring.  So in between orders, I was able to get a few things made.

Two bib aprons. 

 A remote control caddy.

I've started making goat's milk soap as well.  I love the creamy look and color of it and can't wait to try it!  This one is Island Coconut.

I finished up 5 outdoor cushion covers, as well as a quilt with her son's ribbons.  I have an adult clothing protector (bib) to do, as well as another small lap quilt.  I also have a woman stopping by today who wants me to make napkins for her.
I'm back at the machine today, hoping to finish up two more caddies, as well as that adult bib.
Have a great day, friends!