Monday, June 8, 2015

Multitude Monday

It has been quite the week! Multiple hospital visits, putting out emotional fires, appointments, meetings, filling orders, and attending events.  This is all part of ministry life and this week looks to be just as busy.  I do love it, though I'm glad today is a bit of a down day.  A day to reflect and give thanks for the many blessings in my life.  A day to recoup and rest up before it starts all over again. 

I'm thankful for a day to pray over many needs.  I find that as I sew and fill orders, it's a perfect time to spend in prayer.  I love spending time in prayer for the needs of my children, the healing of two dear people who are in the hospital.  The comfort for another family who are grieving over the loss of a father.  Prayers for our church family.  And prayers of thanksgiving for the many blessings I see.

This week I'm also thankful for blessings #2466 - 2475.

2466.  God's hand on a sweet woman in our church as she went through open heart surgery on Saturday.

2467.  Being able to minister to others in their times of need.

2468.  Watching a young lady from church dance when just a year ago she was very ill.

2469.  Seeing how God is working in another young lady's life and hearing her play and sing beautiful music for Him.

2470.  Knowing that the Lord is continuing to lead and guide Stephen.

2471.  A reminder that there is power in the name of Jesus.

2472.  Emily being able to get her permit and so far is doing well practicing driving on the roads.

2473.  Nathan wanting to become a member at our church and sitting through membership classes.

2474.  A gentleman from church going out of his way to invite Nathan out to lunch and showing interest in his life.

and finally...

2475.  God is bigger than all my concerns.