Thursday, July 30, 2015




I feel like I'm living in the midst of piles of messes all around my house as you can see in the first picture of my kitchen island.  I'm racing against the clock to finish an order that went from 25 tea totes and 10 cozies to 65 totes and 18 cozies!  I also am trying to get things together to put in a new store tomorrow morning as well as gather and make items for a farmer's market tomorrow night.
This morning I came to the conclusion that 1) the customer who changed the order on me will just have to be content to wait a day or two longer to receive it, 2) there is no way I can do it all so I'm going to have to just show up with what I have at the shop and the market and, 3) I may have truly lost my mind. ;-)
I've been trying hard to stay on top of meal making and housekeeping in the midst of all this but the fact that it's 1,000 degrees out and even in hotter in the house doesn't help.  lol  I actually moved my sewing into our bedroom which is the only place in the house that has a bit of air-conditioning. 
Before it starts to heat up again today, I want to make a few batches of granola for the market tomorrow. 
This afternoon I have a customer stopping by to pick up an order and drop off fabric for another one so I do need to at least run a vacuum through the sewing room as well as clean the bathroom (just in case). 
Oh well.  The messes will have to stay messy until this week is over!