Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vacation Frugal Fun - Day # 2

Emily and I set off early this morning for day two of vacation.  Our first stop was for lunch to meet up with three of my aunts which is always fun!

Then we were off for our final destination.  We are spending the week at a retreat center run by my brother-in-law in the Catskills Mountains.  The above photo is the view from my chair as I type.

We are staying in a two bedroom efficiency apartment that they allow pastors to use. I brought food to cook for the week.  It's so beautiful and I grew up on this mountain so I'm loving coming back home!

As I sit here a cool breeze is blowing, birds are chirping, leaves are rustling, and the spicy scent of wild thyme is all around me.  Thunder is rumbling in the distance.  A chipmunk just ran over my foot!  I think it was just as startled as I was!  Lol

The moment we got here Emily disappeared with her cousin.  After visiting with my sister I'm sitting and working on my book.

Aaaahhhhh!!!!  Do you hear the tension melting away? :-) Dan and Nathan will be joining us tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that.

Total cost for today = $24 for lunch. Dinner was provided for by my sister tonight and our lodging is covered.

It's been a wonderful day!