Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vacation Frugal Fun - Day #3

Day 3 of vacation was so enjoyable.  I woke up and it was a misty, cold rain most of the day.  Emily slept in and I worked on my book.

Then I spent a few hours chatting with my sister before Dan arrived.  I know I'll sleep better tonight now that he is here.

While Emily hung out with her cousin, Nathan, Dan and I walked up to the gymnasium on the hill where we had a blast playing ping pong, basketball and pool.

Then the guys relaxed while I made dinner - stir fry veggies over linguini with some of the fresh vegetables I picked with my sister today (by the way, I'm officially jealous of her beautiful garden).  We also had a tomato and cucumber salad.  I love that whoever popped in got to eat - Emily and Lydia showed up as well as my nephew and his friend.  

Total cost today = $ 28.02 for ice cream, chips and a bunch of other snack stuff (junk) Dan bought at the store.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm so I'm looking forward to any adventures that come my way!