Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vacation Frugal Fun - Days #6 & 7

We were so tired from the week that yesterday was spent at home, catching up on laundry and baking a bunch of items for today's outing.  Last night Dan and I headed out for something different - a dessert theatre to hear a professional storyteller and folk musician.  I'm glad we did because they were really good.  It was definitely a different style than we were used to but I'm glad that Dan is always willing to try something new because he ended up really enjoying himself.

This morning, we headed out early to my aunt and uncle's home in the Catskill Mountains and had a family get together. 

The last time I saw any of my extended family was a year ago so it was fun catching up.

I ended up getting my daughter back but gaining a niece too!  lol  I'll be taking her back on Thursday but Emily wanted her cousin, Lydia, to come and I thought, why not?  They never get to see each other and get along so well.  So we've gained another teenager for a few days. :-)

Total cost for both days = $ 48.68 ($30 for last night and $18.68 for today).

Total for seven days of vacation for 4 of us = $198.10 excluding gas.

Not bad for a frugal vacation!  Tomorrow is Dan's day off so we will be taking the girls to a local zoo in the afternoon so we have one more day of fun.  I'm glad I blogged about this though because it made it more of a challenge to stay under budget, knowing people were reading.

Thanks for putting up with my week of frugal vacation news!