Monday, September 7, 2015

Climbing His Mountain

(Stephen, Dan & Nathan atop Pyramid Mountain)
After fifteen hours of difficult labor, I was finally fully dilated and ready to give birth to my firstborn child.  However, the amniotic fluid was full of thick, green meconium and the doctor was concerned.  I was unaware of how serious things were and I'm glad I didn't realize that the team of doctors and nurses that suddenly pushed their way into the room were not a normal occurrence for a delivery. 
I gave birth to a chubby, baby boy but right from the beginning there were problems.  As he developed and grew and began his long road of challenges, I had no idea how hard it would be nor how far he would come. 
My eldest, Nathan, has been through so much in his 24 years but he has faced his struggles with determination and persistence.  He is often knocked down but always manages to pick himself back up and keep pushing forward.
This past weekend my three men went off and hiked 4 high peaks in the Adirondack Mountains in one day.  It ended up taking them ten hours but they persevered and did it.  I was especially reminded of how far Nathan has come.  He has faced multiple mountains of difficulties throughout his life - apraxia, short stature, Tourette's syndrome, allergies, kidney issues, autism, learning disabilities.  Yet, he pushes his way right up and over those mountains.
I'm so proud of him.  He is determined to be successful in his life and keeps moving forward.  God's hand is on him and it's a beautiful thing to see as he keeps hitting the summit of each mountain.
We keep encouraging him to not be overwhelmed by the height of the mountain but to climb it one step at a time.