Thursday, September 10, 2015


I've been plodding through my days here, mostly because of the excessive heat and humidity.  I was so thankful to wake up this morning to a cool, autumny breeze.  It feels wonderful!  After a week of sitting in front of a fan, doing absolutely nothing, I can get started on some projects.

I've been battling an internal struggle all week.  I made the decision to close down my business altogether at the end of December.  I truly have bigger things happening in my life with ministry and need to let something go.  But boy, has it been difficult.  I pick up fabric to whip up some tea totes or coffee cup sleeves or some other project and then think, "I don't need to do this."  It makes me feel a bit lost.  Dan reminded me that I can still make gifts.  It's a weird feeling though because I've been doing this as a business for the past 5 years. I have to keep reminding myself that I wasn't making much of a profit and yet, was putting about 20 hours a week into it.  Everything I made went right back into purchasing supplies.  So I've been chanting, "Let it go."  "Let it go."  lol

I am debating about keeping the soap, salve and balm end of things because that takes very little time and I do make a profit there.  The sewing is the issue in both time and money.

One of my projects I need to do this week is clean up the sunroom where all my sewing supplies are.  I need to start getting organized out there.  Stephen left for college on Tuesday so I have my room back and the cobwebs are prevalent. 

My garden was a huge, total flop this year.  It produced a handful of peppers and tomatoes that were affected by blight and nothing else.  Even the squash didn't grow.  I'm sure the soil needs to be replenished but I'm thinking that my days of gardening may be over here.  I just don't have the time or energy to put into it.  And obviously, even when the soil hasn't been an issue, I am not the best gardener.

So another project this week is to get out there and pull out the dead plants and say goodbye to that noose around my neck!  lol

I rearranged, cleaned and worked in my dining room and living room a week ago and I love it!  But I also have a large pile of papers that I need to work through and that is my goal today.

I'm so excited because this year is the first time in a few that I've been planning a large event for church.  I'm organizing a fall festival on October 17th and it's been fun to have my hands back in party planning again.  I'm praying for good weather and a large turn-out for this community event.

I'm still working my way through John Maxwell's book, "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth."  I read it and now am rereading it and highlighting and taking notes.  Good stuff!

So again, nothing exciting, but just plodding along.