Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shake it Off!

This has been a quiet week and I've mostly been focusing on my home and family. It was a good week.
It was a week of baking.

A week of making meals for my family.

A week of finishing up the last of my soy wax to make candles which I'm bringing with me to a retreat this weekend. 
I went to Emily's tennis match and school open house yesterday afternoon and evening and it was relaxing to sit and watch and cheer on my daughter.
I have to confess that so often I feel pulled in a hundred directions.  There are so many people and activities that demand my attention and I've had people get upset when I cannot do what they want.  And then I feel extremely guilty. 
But I just cannot do everything.  I cannot be everything to everybody.  And if I attempt to please everyone, I'm going to burn out and get extremely stressed.  So while, I do try to minister to those I can, sometimes I have to say no to certain activities.  It's hard, but in my effort to be intentional this year, I have to shake off those guilty feelings.
Sometimes I almost think it's easier to just say, "Yes" given the amount of guilt I feel but in the long run it's very unhealthy and I end up feeling discouraged and frustrated.
One of the things I feel guilty about is leaving a day and a half early for my weekend retreat so that I can have some time to myself to write.  There is no logical reason for the guilt other than there are things here that I can always do.  But my husband has given me his blessing.  It's been on my goal list for this year so I'm going.  I leave this morning and I know once I get on the road, it'll be fine.
So I'm going to shake off the guilt and enjoy the rest of my week!  Have a wonderful day, my friends.