Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Balancing Act

I went to bed feeling very down and anxious and I couldn't figure out why until about 2:30 a.m. when I woke and heard the nudging of the Holy Spirit.  It's been such a busy week that I found that time spent in prayer and reading God's word was pushed to the side.  So after tossing and turning for a while, I finally got up and spent some solid time with the Lord. I went back to bed around 5 a.m. peaceful and centered.
I tend to be an all or nothing type person.  As I've aged, I've gotten better, but I still seem to struggle with this in all areas of my life.  I'm working hard at being consistent and balanced, but every so often I catch myself in this same quandary. 

You'd think that at the age of 53 I still wouldn't struggle with these basic things in life but I do.  I've done various psychological profiles throughout the years for different organizations and they all come out the same - spontaneous risk-takers, on-the-go, adventurous, impulsive.  I tend to plunge in and before I know it, I'm in over my head.  That's not necessarily a bad thing because I'm a good swimmer, but even swimmers need time to rejuvenate.

As a believer, I have Christ in my life so I'm not defined by these traits, but they certainly do explain a lot! ;-)  I've come to the point where I no longer try to change my personality and who God made me, but I do want to discipline those traits that need to be trained. 

The main one is learning to take time each day and spend it communing with the One who created me the way I am.  When I do that, I'm much more balanced.