Thursday, October 1, 2015

Odds and Ends

I completed my very last sewing order yesterday and am in the process of winding down my business.  I still have my items in three shops and will be closing up the business at the end of December.  It's a strange, bittersweet feeling but I know I'm doing the right thing.  Any leftover inventory will be coming home and used for gifts, for us here at home or for future retreats I go on.  I was toying with the idea of keeping the inventory in the shops but have decided against it.  That chapter in my life is closing and I need to close the book and put it down. ;-)

I spent two days last week, writing and editing my book, "Let's Have Coffee" and I'm almost done.  I know it will be complete before Christmas and that is a wonderful present to myself!

Today's plan is to get into the sunroom and clean, declutter and organize.  My sewing items are out there and the shelves are a total mess so I need to reorganize.  I did offer some of my fabric to our denomination's Bosnian Handcraft Project that supports women in Bosnia-Herzegovina who are struggling to support their families after their country was torn apart by war.  They make hand-crafted items which are sold here in the states and 100% of the proceeds go back into the project.  Anyway, that's a subject near and dear to my heart so it's a good cause. 

Emily's last tennis match is this afternoon so we will be attending that.

After two months of waiting, Nathan was finally assigned a job coach, and we meet with her tomorrow morning.  He is struggling and this is a good step to finding him a job that will better suit his needs.  He truly needs to find something in a positive environment rather than in one filled with negativity, criticism and unkindness. 

I need to work on a devotional I'll be giving next week at another church.  So that's on my agenda today too.  I also am starting to get everything together for our upcoming Fall Festival at church.

Anyway, there is a lot of exciting things happening and I'm keeping busy, as usual.