Thursday, November 12, 2015

Life is Good

I've had a busy week that involved a lot of sewing.  There are a few events coming up that I'll be participating in and on top of that, Christmas is on it's way ,and the shops that carry my items want those types of things.  Because I had no Christmas inventory, that's what I've been focusing on.  And I really do enjoy it.  I just need to remember to balance myself.  I can truly get lost in my own world and spend hours and hours focusing on just one thing.

Originally, I had planned on closing down the business at the end of the year but have decided to continue in the few shops that carry my items.  My added ministry responsibilities will not happen until the spring and my personality is such that I really do need to keep busy or I get down and depressed.  So I'm streamlining things so that only certain shops will carry certain items and I'm not doing custom orders anymore.  It makes life simpler.  When the time comes if I need to cut down even more, I will do that.

Yesterday, Emily was off from school because of Veteran's Day so rather than lose myself in the sewing room, I took time to go out with her.  We stopped at one of our favorite spots, a local coffee shop, and had a cup together.

Emily wanted to make dinner so we stopped at the grocery store to pick up the ingredients she needed and then she got busy in the kitchen while I did some other things around the house.

I did spend the majority of the afternoon sewing and ended up with a pile of stockings to take to one of the shops today.

The evening was spent at the church for a time of prayer as well as back home and relaxing with Dan.  Each day on Facebook this year I've been listing one thing I'm grateful for and today's was this, "I'm thankful today that I love my life and the many ways I stay active and busy. Writing, sewing and crafting, ministry, family and friends....these all bring me joy. Each day holds something new and exciting. It's a good way to feel!"

I really mean that too.  Life is good.