Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Clearing My Cache

Every now and then my computer goes a bit haywire and won't load pages properly.  When that happens, the advice I received was to clear my computer cache.  This is the place where bits of data is stored on my hard drive so that it's easily accessible.  It's generally a quick fix and the problem in solved.  My computer is clogged with too much information.

I find that I need to clear my mental cache every now and then too.  A thousand things come at me all day long from a variety of sources - social media, text messages, emails, and the phone.  I have a number of things that need to be done all at once as well as a bunch of different directions I'm pulled in.  That's when things start to go haywire and I find that I'm not working very efficiently.

During the holidays this is worse.  There are events to plan and attend.  Cards to be written and put in the mail.  Cookies to be baked.  Gifts to plan and purchase. Everything builds to this frantic pace.

I'm feeling the need to clear my cache; to rid myself of those things that aren't absolutely necessary and to focus in on the things that matter.  Worship, relationships, and family. This is not always easy to do because there are many good things out there but not everything good is necessary.

I'm finishing up an order today and then my clearing my cache and savoring each moment.  I want to be intentional this holiday season and make memories that will last.  I encourage you to do the same.  Focus on what matters the most this holiday season.