Thursday, January 21, 2016

Asking for my Daily Bread

James 1:17 ~

Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning.

Year in and year out I have seen God's hand on my life.  From a young age, I readily believed that God is a good God and provides good things for His people.  I know that doesn't mean everything will go my way but I do believe that He will meet my needs.  Yet, every new challenge usually sends my stomach into a churning mass of knots. 

I've gotten better at being quicker to calm myself down and trust and I've even gotten good at not flipping out at the first bit of bad news.  But I still tend to tense up and my mind starts meandering over all the terrible possibilities that can happen.

This week was no different.  I received a text from Stephen right before I went to bed on Monday.  He had gotten back from college and discovered he wasn't cleared to start classes the next day because of an issue with his financial aid.  I called the financial aid office yesterday and found that one of his state grants had been adjusted and we owed quite a few hundred dollars more.  That was going to make an already tight budget pretty much impossible with the outstanding amount tacked on.

I felt the knots start and began mulling it over and over again in my mind but I do have to say, I stayed calm.  Three hours after we found out the amount, I got the mail and behold a gift was in the mail for the exact amount we were short!  God is good.  He knew what we would need and prompted someone to write us a check for that amount.

But why am I surprised by this.  He tells us to ask him for our daily bread.  He knows our needs.  He gives us just what we need for that day.  I know that the check could have arrived at any time but I believe He allowed it to come when it did so that I would continue to learn this lesson of trust.

Trust Him for what I need for this day. 

Trust that He will do what He says.

Trust that if I'm faithful to my call that He will be faithful to provide our needs.

I'm so thankful that our daily bread for yesterday was provided.  I know that my daily bread for today will be provided, and I know that my daily bread for tomorrow will be provided.

I just need to continue to trust that I have a good God who gives me good things for today.