Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Divine Appointment in the Waiting Room

Every so often something will happen that is so clearly a God thing.  This afternoon was one of those times.  My MRI was originally scheduled for next Tuesday but I received a call the other day from the hospital.  They had a cancellation and wanted to change it to today at 5:15.

Dan, Emily and I arrived at the hospital 30 minutes early and I checked in.  I walked over to where Dan and Emily sat and took my coat off.  I had just sat down in the chair, when an older gentleman got up from his seat and came over to us and started talking about politics.  I let out a silent groan.  I thought that I was going to spend the next 30 minutes listening to a "crazy" tell us everything that was wrong with the world.

I am so ashamed that was my initial reaction.  The man was obviously wanting to talk to someone because he moved from his views on politics, which I believe was his way to start a conversation.  Instead, he started openly sharing his pain with us.  He was there waiting for his wife who was having an MRI of the brain.  She had cancer and had started experiencing extreme headaches and the doctor was worried that she had bleeding on the brain.  He wept openly at the thought of losing his wife. 

He shared very real spiritual experiences he had where God revealed his love to him.  He even shared what seemed to be a very clear vision the Lord had given him.  When he shared these things, he raised his hands and sobbed. 

I went from being heartbroken at his pain to experiencing a sense of awe at the sudden presence of God in the room.  I stopped being aware of the receptionist and what she might be  thinking, and instead was caught up in this divine appointment.

We prayed for him and as we did, he knelt right there in the waiting room.  Even now, as I type this, my eyes are welling with tears.  What a special afternoon.

My eyes leaked tears as I saw how gentle he was with his wife when she came out of the MRI room.  He helped her on with her coat and he zipped it up for her.  He took her arm and guided her out the door.  What love!

Even though we prayed for him, I felt as if we had been ministered to as well.  Emily said she wanted to give him a hug but the fact that he was an absolute stranger kept her from doing that.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

When you remember them, please pray for Joseph and Millie.  I'm so thankful that I experienced that divine appointment in a hospital waiting room.