Monday, February 8, 2016

Multitude Monday

I turned on my kitchen light and was faced with hundreds of tiny ants, crawling all over my counter tops and sink.  What a way to start a Monday!  I hate bugs, especially when they decide to invade my home!  And these ants are symbolic of all the little pests that can destroy my attitude and my joy.

My morning is starting out with not enough sleep, a sick and very cranky daughter, a not-so-nice response from me first thing this morning, the knowledge that our entire bathroom needs to be replaced because of a rotting floor, and a few tasks looming this week that are making me feel overwhelmed.  And then on top of it, the ants picked today to show up.  This could make for a rotten start to my week. 

BUT....I'm choosing joy; joy in the small things.  I'm choosing to focus on the blessings, and not the burden.  I'm making a choice to be thankful and not whiny!  I'm deciding to look for the way those "ants" can be a blessing.

Mondays are usually something I look forward to and the reason for that is my desire to find God's hand in my life.  That means looking for that even when things are a bit rocky and my attitude isn't the best and I really want to climb back into bed and start over.  So often, we think everything has to be going well for us to feel blessed.

But on this Monday, I'm making the choice to find the multitude of blessing in the mundane!.

This week I'm thankful for blessings #2661 - 2670.

2661.  The ant situation actually was a blessing because my countertops got bleached and clean.

2662.  My daughter doesn't have anything major going on today and there is no school tomorrow, so she has two days to get better.

2663.  My family is gracious in extending forgiveness when my attitude and responses are lacking.

2664.  I know that even though I feel overwhelmed with my tasks, I have a plan to accomplish them and they will get done.

2665.  We had an enjoyable evening with friends last night while we watched the Super Bowl.

2666.  Church facility managers who want to make sure our house is in good shape and see the sense of urgency in getting certain things done..  Two of them came on Saturday and fixed two of my kitchen drawers as well as replacing a broken ceiling fan that can't be replaced with a light in our bedroom.

2667.  My friends who encourage and pray.

2668.  I accomplished quite a bit on a project last week.

2669.  Even though I could use more sleep, I slept straight through the night which is the first time in a long time that has happened.

and finally...

2670.  Finding the blessings in the midst of madness and thanking God for those "ants" that show up in my life.