Thursday, March 10, 2016

In the Woods

Dan & I went for a walk yesterday and as we walked in silence for a bit, we heard rustling on the forest floor as the squirrels foraged for acorns.  We could hear the wind blowing the leaves around, and water trickling and running through the forest.  It was such a quiet and peaceful setting.

But it's not a setting that most will ever appreciate because of our hurry and scurry lifestyles.  We rush through our days with "noise" blaring constantly.  The noise comes at us from our televisions, I-pads and I-pods, and computer screens.  It comes at us from our own thoughts and to-do lists.  We never slow down enough and turn off the noise to hear from the Holy Spirit.

Anyone who has read my blog long enough knows that I love the woods.  It has been a setting that I try to get to often.  Even as babies, my children would come with us.  I remember strapping them to our backs as we would go for long hikes. 

The reason I love it is because it's there I can be truly quiet.  There is something about the muffled sounds and quiet of the woods that slows me down and helps me listen to what God is trying to say.

Dan and I often walk without saying anything, just content to be with each other.  The silence of the forest seems to call for us to be quiet as well.  It's refreshing.  It's uplifting.  We leave feeling as if the Lord has been walking alongside us.

If I had a little cabin in the middle of the woods I think I would never want to leave. :-)  It's the place where God connects me to His creation, and ultimately to Him.