Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Mouthful

Did you ever hear the adage, "Don't bite off more than you can chew?"  That's kind of how I feel this week.  However, when I look at the task I have before me in my new ministry role, even though it may feel as if I bit off too much, I'm realizing that I can do this through the strength that Christ gives me.

I have a mouthful and my cheeks are full, but I if I organize myself and take it one chew at a time, I can do this.  I had my first meeting the other day to plan for an upcoming leadership retreat in June.  It was such a great meeting and I'm looking forward to working with these ladies over the next few years.

God has certainly put a lot on my plate, but I enjoy being active so I'm rolling up my sleeves and plunging in.  The only thing that is frustrating me is that I can only do so much physical activity for the moment because of my knee.  I'm thinking I may need to schedule my surgery earlier than July if it keeps hurting the way it has been lately.

We also seem to be passing the same cold around our home too.  I was sick a few weeks ago and it has made it's way through everyone and landed on Emily.  I woke up with a sore throat again yesterday so I'm hoping that it doesn't progress any further.  Stephen is coming home for the weekend so hopefully, he doesn't end up catching it too.

Today, my mouthful includes...

  • Planning worship for Sunday (our regular worship leader is away)]

  • Typing up a bulletin and Powerpoint slides for a funeral on Saturday.

  • Putting together our church bulletin for Sunday.

  • Possibly taking Emily to the doctor.  She is now starting to wheeze, and her inhaler isn't working. so I'm thinking it's turning into something else. 

  • Cleaning up some things around the house.

  • Finishing up 4 centerpieces for a retreat next weekend.

  • Making a pot of soup.

  • Typing up a number of things for the leadership retreat in June.

  • Work on a message I'm giving a mother's day luncheon at another church in May.

I guess the first part of getting all this accomplished is to get off the computer and start chewing!  Have a wonderful day, my friends.

Editing to add that I'm going to cross them off as I get them finished.