Monday, May 16, 2016

Multitude Monday

This past week was so busy and it seemed as if I didn't even have time to catch my breath.  Appointments almost every day and out almost every night made it difficult to spend much time thinking about anything.

However, as I look back over the week, I have much to be thankful about.  I get frustrated with myself at times because I feel I spend so much time focusing on the problem or a task and really don't enjoy each moment.  It's only when I sit down here and reflect back that I start to see God working.  Perhaps that is just the way life is but I don't want to get so busy that I don't take the time to acknowledge the gifts that I receive from the Lord.

This week I'm thankful for blessings #2718 - 2730.

2718.  A difficult, but good heart to heart with a family member.

2719.  Discovering my birth certificate was missing my parent's names and I need it to get a passport.  But the bureaucratic wheels turned quickly and I was able to get it back within a week.

2720.  Our power steering rod went on our car and we wouldn't be able to get it repaired without using our credit card.  However, God provided 75% of what we needed in unexpected gifts.

2721.  My blood pressure which has been on the high side for the past 6 months was in a wonderful range when I went to the doctor the other day.

2722.  Stephen has a good job for the summer.

2723.  I was feeling a bit bad that we couldn't afford a limo and nice dinner out for Emily for her prom.  I decided to make her and her friends a special dinner here on prom night.  My sweet daughter assured me that she and her friends were thrilled by that gesture.  My daughter is a joy.

2724.  A sweet angel at church who left an envelope with $20 in it and the envelope was marked prom dinner.

2725.  A friend from church who changes our car brakes for us.

2726.  A bursting at the seams church each Sunday.

2727.  Helping a child work on his God and Family boy scout badge.  I've been using that curriculum in children's church and he completed everything he needed the past 6 months to get it.

2728.  Encouraging notes and emails from people telling me they know I'll do a great job in my new role as Director of our district's Great Commission Women.

2729.  Lunch with a friend.

and finally...

2730.  Falling into bed each night satisfied that my day was productive.