Friday, May 6, 2016

Spinning Top

As a child I loved to spin around in circles as fast as I could.  I remember giggling with delight as I got dizzier and dizzier and would fall to the ground.  As a 54-year-old woman if I try to turn around in a circle I end up with vertigo that lasts for a quite a while!

I have neglected this blog for over a week and that is mostly because I feel like a spinning top.  But as I told my husband this morning, I feel exhilarated with the activity because much of it is ministry and I'm doing what I was called to do.

We visited one of the colleges Emily wants to go to at the beginning of the week with an end of the week visit to my in-laws.  We were going to celebrate Nathan's 25th birthday (a quarter of a century - wow!) but he ended up with what we thought was just a 24 hour stomach bug.  However a few days later we ended up in the emergency room with him and it turns out it's gastroenteritis.  He's on the mend but still not able to eat much without feeling ill.

We spent three days this week getting recharged at our District and Prayer Conference for pastors in our district.  It's always a wonderful time of catching up with old friends and being encouraged.

Our bathroom was totally gutted and renovated last week.  Stephen came home from college for the summer on Wednesday evening.

I'm leaving this afternoon for a side trip with my aunt and uncle before I speak at a ladies luncheon tomorrow.  Then on Sunday, I'll be giving a missions moment in one of our district churches before heading home to celebrate Mother's Day with my family.

This morning I booked plane tickets for a short-term missions trip for me and Emily at Adventure Learning Centre in Nassau, Bahamas.  ALC serves the children and families of the Bahamas by providing Christ-centered, science-based programs for the children.  Emily and I will be working in the kitchen for a week during their summer camp program.  I'm so excited about this opportunity to take Emily! 

So that's been my whirlwind of a week!  I'm dizzy but not falling over so that's a good thing.  lol