Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

I've been on a roller-coaster ride since around April and really haven't devoted much time to this blog.  There are days when I start to write something but then I look at everything I need to do and feel my writing inspiration dissipating.  Then I'm not even sure if many are reading any more so I think, "What's the point?"  But I started this blog as a sort of journal for my family so they would have something to look back on and then I realize it doesn't matter if anyone reads or not.

Emily's prom was last weekend and initially, we had found a dress that was marked down from $118 to $12 which was a wonderful deal.  However, after 5 months of sitting in the closet, she tried it on again and it didn't fit properly.  She actually ended up giving it to a friend and it fit as if it were made for her.  So we had to go and purchase a new dress and of course, paid full price for it.

So I wanted to try and be frugal with the rest of the prom.  I decided to decorate my deck and make dinner and serve it to Emily and her friends.  Dan was the waiter and was good natured about filling their glasses and serving the different courses. 

They had a wonderful time!  Emily's date is lactose-intolerant and a vegetarian so that made it a bit tricky but I came up with a plan that worked.

Chicken Alfredo
Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce (for the vegetarian)
Both were served over Bow Tie pasta
Tossed Salad
Homemade garlic bread
Soda or Iced tea

Dessert was a choice of blueberry cheesecake or blueberry pie. 

When the guests arrived we took pictures and then they came up on the deck where they were served dinner by our waiter extraordinaire. :-)  I stayed scarce other than to take a picture or two.  Then Dan changed hats and became the chauffer and drove them to the prom. 

Total cost for dinner for 7 (included the three of us who ate in the kitchen) - less than $20.  Not bad at all!

I also realized the night before that we had totally overlooked the boutonniere for Emily's date.  I ran to the local Walmart the morning of the prom and found a white rose.  I came home and let it sit in water that had a few drops of blue food dye all day.  The dye went up the stem and started to tinge the rose a blue color that matched Emily's dress (it's hard to see in the picture below).  Then I took some babies breath I had as well as the rose and made the boutonniere.  It didn't turn out badly at all and certainly was cheaper than purchasing one through a florist.

Here are some more pictures of the night.