Friday, August 19, 2016

Frugal Friday

It's Frugal Friday again and one of my favorite days because I enjoy sharing some of my money-saving tips.  It keeps me motivated and hopefully, helps some of you. 

Pinching pennies is work.  I'm out scouring the blackberry bushes every other day.  I have my eye on an apple tree out in our back field.  It has small apples on it but they are free and good for sauce.  I look for deals wherever I go.  I find ways to squeeze out every bit of goodness out of our material possessions so I don't have to go out and buy things constantly.  It's hard but it's satisfying!

I hit the regional market again and I scored big this time!  I like going there because I go with a specified amount of cash and when it's gone, I am done.  This week I took a bit extra because I knew I wanted to get some items to can and freeze.

For $50 I was able to purchase the following:

1 bushel plum tomatoes
5 dozen ears of sweet corn (got a deal for purchasing 5 dozen at $3 per dozen and the guy actually gave me 13 ears instead of 12)
5 lbs. of red potatoes
4 onions
3 lbs. of green beans
4 beets
1 bag of mini-bell peppers (about 20) - $1.00
12 plums
1 watermelon
1 head of lettuce
3 zucchini - 3 for a $1 

I thought that was very good.  Today I am shucking corn, blanching it and cutting it off the cobb for the freezer.  It is actually some of the sweetest and best I've ever tasted.  I'm also going to start on the tomatoes, making tomato sauce to can.

Some other ways I saved this week:

  • One of the ways I squeeze the most out of my dish towels or old t-shirts that are ready for the garbage bin is to use them for rags.  This way they are being used to the fullest.  They work great!

  • Also I found a container of homemade blueberry ice cream in the freezer.  It was still creamy and delicious.  It uses the simplest ingredients and is much less expensive than store bought. 

  • I made four loaves of bread this week and the extra went into the freezer so when I need it all I have to do is pull it out.

  • I make my own spice blends rather than spend money for something I can make myself.

  • I make quite a few of skillet meals.  It's easy, a balanced meal is in one pan and cleanup is much easier.  One of our favorites is stir-fry anything! 

Saving money is work but anything worthwhile is difficult.  I would encourage you to start small because any little bit will help your budget.