Monday, August 1, 2016

Frugal Staycation - Day #1

I mentioned the other day that because money was tight we decided to stay home and find frugal things to do each day.  My goal is to spend as little as possible and yet, have fun.  The nice thing about being home is we can do the meals here.

(Love Stephen's face - lol)

Today was the first day.  Of course, plans got changed a bit because we had to take Stephen back to the camp where he is working this summer.  It's an hour away from our house.  So we left about 10 this morning and dropped him off there and then Dan and I went by ourselves to our first stop.

We went to Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY.  I've driven by it so many times throughout the years and never knew what a jewel this place was!  And the best part is it is free.  We spent the morning learning some of the history of this fort and wandering through it.

We came home for a late lunch and headed out the door to hike at a nearby nature trail and water fall.  Emily, Dan and I spent an enjoyable time wandering through the woods and enjoying the beauty of the falls.  It was raining but because we were in thick woods, we only felt a drop or two.

We came back home for dinner.  Overall it was a good day and the total cost for day one was $0.

So far, so good!