Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Frugal Staycation - Day #2

I spent the majority of my morning doing work and trying to meet a deadline.  My computer was not cooperating and it was a bit frustrating.  However, after lunch we headed off to the city of Syracuse to go to the Erie Canal Museum.

Again, I had no idea that this place existed and it was a great piece of history of our New York State canal systems.  I'm pretty sure Emily would have preferred to be anywhere else!  :-)  However, she was good-natured about it especially when her mother wouldn't let go of her arm and kept cracking jokes the entire visit. 

After the museum we walked around the downtown area of the city and stumbled upon a cute little coffee shop.  So we ordered ice coffee and drinks and sat out on the sidewalk.  It was actually a very nice afternoon given my stressful morning.

Total Cost for the day - $18.