Monday, September 19, 2016

When You Realize How Big God is and How Small Your Problems Are

I stood in the dark under the twinkling stars and the huge luminous moon.  A warm breeze lifted my hair, crickets chirped around me and I felt peaceful.  I was once again overwhelmed with the realization that the God I serve, the King of the Universe, is so much bigger than I remember at times. 

So often I fixate on the problem before me, and it begins to grow in my mind.  It expands to the point that I forget that my God is greater than any issue I wrestle with.  He is bigger than any problem my children will face.  When I keep my focus on Him the problem begins to fade.  It's still there and often requires some action from me, but my fears aren't threatening to overwhelm me.  I'm not quaking in my boots and biting my nails in apprehension of the moment when it all may fall apart.

God is big.  When I remember that, the peace comes.  I have been reminded of this so many times in the past few weeks.  And for that I'm thankful.

This week I'm thankful for blessings #2778- 2790

2778.  An unexpected gift from someone in our church (have no idea who).  I went into the church the other night and found a card there with two gift cards to a local grocery store.  Money has been tight which always happens at this time of the year.

2779.  Being able to take one of those cards and gifting it to another gentleman who is struggling to make ends meet.

2780.  A neighbor gave us some cucumbers and tomatoes from their garden, as well as had me come over and pick some raspberries.

2781.  Realizing how much our church body is enthusiastic and ready to reach out to our community.

2782.  Dan was given two students to tutor and started both of them this week.  Normally it takes at least a month.

2783.  Nathan has people advocating for him and has a phone interview tomorrow for a new job.  Please pray for him.  He needs to get out of the environment he is in.

2784.  Seeing the tremendous growth in our church - both in numbers but also in spiritual growth.

2785.  I've been working on organizing a retreat this coming weekend and am just about ready and yet, have been pretty calm about the whole thing.

2786.  Some exciting new opportunities for outreach in our community.

2787.  Friends who pray for me.

2788.  I've been going to physical therapy for my knee the past few weeks and it's starting to help.

2789.  Wonderful times with the Lord on my deck lately.

and finally...

2790.  A God who is bigger than all of my problems.