Monday, October 10, 2016

Change the Lens

I have a sign in my sunroom that says, "Live Simply."  I love it because it's a reminder to me to appreciate the simple things in life.  It's impossible to be happy if you are always dissatisfied with your life.  I do a lot of talk on this blog about living frugally and I know that it's also impossible to do that if you are constantly looking to "things" to make you happy.

Learn to look around and appreciate the beauty in all you see.

 If you constantly look for what you are missing, you will feel dissatisfied.  If you can appreciate the simple things, contentment will follow.

Look around you today.  Smell the air - it's free.  Appreciate the beauty of nature - it's free.  Feel the cool breeze on your face - it's free.

List the numerous simple things around you that bring you joy.  Most of them are free or very inexpensive.  Enjoy them.  Appreciate them.  

As we learn to appreciate the simple things in life, we will begin to be thankful.   If we can take our eyes off what we don't have and see the things we do have, our attitude will change. 

Just as different camera lenses can adjust the picture, we too need to change our lens so that we can see our life in a different way.