Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You Rock!

Stooping down, I picked up a rock from the pile.  I turned it over in my hands, feeling its rough edges.  Each rock that I looked at was different.  Some were smooth; others rough.  Some were plain looking while others sparkled and others were tinged with color.  As I tossed it into the waves, I was reminded once again of the uniqueness of each of us. 

God created diversity.  He uses each of us in different ways for the purpose He has for our lives.  And yet we so often keep trying to be someone different.  I know I fall into this faulty thinking.  I often think I have to do something like someone else to be loved and accepted.  I do my best to conform into an image.  It's not God's image of who He created me to be, but the image of who others think I should be.

One day I was lamenting to Dan how I needed to be less outspoken or be more demure, and he looked straight at me and said, "You are the only one who has a problem with who you are."  "Be the woman God created you to be."  He also reminded me that the reason he chose me as his wife was because of the personality I have. 

I struggle often with this.  I try to conform and be someone different and yet, when I do that I'm very unhappy.  God created us all differently with unique gifts, personalities and talents.  Be the rock you were meant to be! 

When I look at the lakeside shore here and see all the stones, the diversity blends together to make a beautiful shoreline.  If the stones were all one color, shape or size it wouldn't be as pretty.  The same is true with us.

We blend together with all of our gifts and personalities to make a beautiful mosaic.  Let's stop trying to be someone we are not and let's stop trying to get others to conform into what who we think they should be too.

Remember that you rock!