Thursday, November 10, 2016


Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows that I am busy, but thrive on activity.  As I reflect back to when I was a teenager and college student, I was often depressed.  And that is because I remember stretches of being bored.  The moment I stepped into the world of full-time ministry, I realized how much that changed because I was no longer feeling bored.  I'm 54 years old and am still learning what makes me tick at times.

Emily is in her senior year of high school and Stephen is in his senior year of college.  Nathan is settled into his new job and came home from work yesterday and said, "I really like it there!"  These are all things that make me feel happy, but my role here at home has changed tremendously.

I've been struggling, because a lot of the time even though I'm busy I feel isolated.  A lot of my ministry work is on the computer and while I get to chat with people every day online, it's not the face to face relationship that I crave.  I love people.  I like being around them.  It gives me energy and purpose to my days, and God has wired me that way. 

So I have been praying that the door would open up for me to be out in our community.  I've also been praying that He would provide a way for me to make some income, but with the flexibility I need.  The ministry job I have for our district is a big one and I'm in this role for the next four years, if not longer.  I needed to be able to set my own hours and have the ability to go to district meetings as necessary. 

To make a long story short, the doors have opened up for me to open up my business at a store front location again.  I do like being my own boss, and this will provide the flexibility for my district role.  The rent was very reasonable and it's a low risk lease.  The landlady has a small bookstore right next door and it's in a good location.

Starting this Tuesday, my shop will be open.  If you click on the home page link at the top of the page you can read all about it.  It's been a busy couple of weeks as I've been sewing up a storm in between working on things at church and for the district.  I'm going to spend the day at the shop tomorrow and Monday to get ready for the Tuesday opening.  

Guess what?  I feel my energy and excitement returning!  I know people look at me like I'm nuts sometimes.  But I know my personality, and most of my close friends get me too.  In fact, yesterday a friend from church said, "I could never figure out why you stopped your business."  "You obviously love it!"   And she was right.  I've missed being creative and sewing and crafting.  It was the one thing in my life that was just for me.

Sometimes, it takes me a while to figure things out myself.  My self-awareness is blossoming but it's certainly been a stubborn bloom.

Onward and upward!