Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday Words of Encouragement

Psalm 113:1-3 (NIV) ~

Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord, you his servants;
    praise the name of the Lord.
Let the name of the Lord be praised,
    both now and forevermore.
From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
    the name of the Lord is to be praised.

The route I take to get home each afternoon as I leave my shop is a road that runs parallel to Lake Ontario.  As I drive home late in the afternoon, the sky is a canvas of beautiful colors against the darkening sky.  The sunsets here are gorgeous.  I am reminded once again of God's touch on everything, including the beauty of the sky.

I was also reminded to have a heart of thanksgiving and praise.  Today, I want to remind you of the same thing.  No matter what is going on in your lives and in our world, we are to praise the Lord.  If you read further in this Psalm, it gives some benefits of giving Him praise which center around His care for His people.

Next week is Thanksgiving and we often start thinking about our list of blessings, but we should be thankful all of the time.  There are so many ways that we see God's hand on our lives if we just look.  One of those things is the very breathe you draw in and out each day. 

We live in a tumultuous world, but the one thing we can rest in is that the Lord remains steadfast and our hope is in Him.  If you find yourself feeling unsettled and upset by all that is going on in the news, my advice is to unplug a bit from social media and the news and spend time focusing on the Lord and His word.  You will find peace in praise.