Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Making a List

Ever since the calendar page was turned to September it has been very busy.  There have been so many events and activities and for many of them I've been involved in the planning or been a participant.  Add in starting a gift shop and then the holidays and there are days when I think my head may explode.

However, the thing that keeps me sane is making a list, even if it's just a mental checklist of things that need to get done along with a time frame of when to do it.  Whenever I'm planning an event, I visualize the day of the event and what needs to happen and when.  That mental walk-through really helps to make sure that nothing fall through the cracks.

Once Christmas is over, I need to gear up and start working on a mailing that's going out in January to our district churches.  We have a spring retreat each April with about 300 women in attendance.  So that is the next planning thing on my calendar.  The speakers are lined up but I need to start working on the nitty-gritty details.  I'm a planner and organizer so it's a fun task ahead.

In the meantime, I've made my list for this week and am slowly checking things off:

Christmas cookies baked - I could continually make these but really need to stop because I keep eating them.  Cookies are my downfall. ;-)

Purchase gifts for Dan and kids

Write and send out Christmas cards

Mail packages to extended family

Purchase stocking stuffers

Purchase a few gifts for our friend who is coming

Pick up Stephen from college (He arrived two days early - YAY)

Wrap gifts (I was 80% done when I ran out of paper) so....

Buy gift wrap

Make one gift for Dan

Plan menu for Christmas eve and day

Grocery shop for the weekend

Write out and distribute reading parts for Christmas eve service

Christmas Eve bulletin

Christmas Day bulletin

Make gifts that I always give to church friends on Christmas eve

I have four and a half days to finish the list.  Of course, Dan went out to start his car this morning and the engine wouldn't turn over.  Not a big deal but it just makes it a bit more difficult with juggling vehicles.  I'm open at the shop today through Friday.  I made the decision to close on Saturday because I want to enjoy my holiday too! 

Have a good day, my friends!  I need to get starting checking off my list.