Friday, December 30, 2016

Snow Day


Yesterday, we ended up with a snow day of sorts.  With heavy snow coming down and more predicted for later in the day, I made the decision to close the shop, Nathan was home and both Stephen and Emily are on school vacation, Dan isn't tutoring this week because of school being closed and because of the snow, only made a couple of visits.   It was an enjoyable day.

Every now and then I'm hit with a wave of sadness that everything is changing.  Don't get me wrong.  I want my children to grow and thrive and get out on their own.  It's not a matter of wanting them to stay children.  But it is a transition.  I'm a mama and I do worry about them.  I have to constantly turn those concerns over to the Lord and ask Him to watch over my kids.  Dan & I have done the best we can to raise them right and we need to trust that they will be okay.

But it is nice to have them all under the same roof at the same time! ;-)

It was a relaxing day, full of waffles, puttering around the house, board games, walks through the woods, snowmen and snowball fights.  There was soup and leftover Christmas cookies.  Movie watching and hugs.

I'm hitting the ground running again today but those snow days are special!

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