Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Cookie Jar

Every year I make a multitude of Christmas cookies for church events, gifts and for us to eat.  My plan is to do what I normally do though it certainly is a bit harder being out of the house so much with the new shop. 

I did get a start on it this week with the making of cocoa snowflakes with a twist - adding a peppermint kiss to each one.  I also made Swedish ginger thins (pepparkakor) that I make every year.  The dough is done and in the fridge, waiting to be rolled out into shapes.  We are supposed to be getting major lake effect snow tonight into tomorrow so I may have a snow day tomorrow which means I'll have time to do it then.

The plan this year for Christmas cookies are as follows:

Cocoa snowflakes
Bizcochitos (anise, rolled cookies)
Cinnamon pinwheels
Christmas meringues
Chocolate peppermint crunch cookies

We'll see if they all happen because Christmas will be here before you know it!  Do you have traditional cookies you usually make?