Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Year Older and Perhaps, a Year Wiser

Today is my 55th birthday.  It started by being jolted awake by Nathan who barreled into our room with some "crisis" which really wasn't one that couldn't have waited until a decent hour. ;-)  I was so disoriented that it took me about 20 minutes before I even remembered it was my birthday!

With each passing year, I hope I'm getting a bit wiser.  I know I'm getting grayer and they do say that wisdom comes alongside the gray hair.  We shall see!

My husband gifted me with tickets to see Wicked which is coming to the city near here.  I've been wanting to see it though I haven't said anything to him so it was a wonderful surprise.  He is taking me out to dinner tonight and Emily is making me a birthday cake.  It'll be a good day.

When I was younger, birthdays were such a big deal but not so much anymore.  But as I reflect on the coming year, there is one thing I wish for myself.

My name, Terri, means harvester and my middle name, Ann, means grace.  I want to reap, or harvest, God's grace to those around me.  I want to live my life walking in Christ's love so that His grace overflows to those around me. 

As I live through another year, my desire to mirror God's love to others is growing.  I may have a few more wrinkles and bit more gray, but my desire to live for the Lord continues to grow.  That's what makes me get up each day with joy in my heart!