Friday, January 27, 2017

Embracing ME

I had planned on one topic for the blog this morning, but after receiving an email from a friend, I'm taking it in a different direction.

My very sweet friend, tread in with boldness, and told me that she noticed how many times I put myself down.  And she's right.  I often crack jokes about my weight, my graying hair, my sagging neck and so on.  I don't really sit around and think bad things about myself but in some ways it does come out in my joking.

So today, rather than put myself down, I decided to write some positives about myself.  I think it's a good exercise to do.  So often, especially as Christian women, we think that we shouldn't think to highly of ourselves.  But why not?  God created us in His image.  He spent time working over us.  And He doesn't make junk!

So, here goes....

❤  I'm thankful for hands that have worked hard my entire life.  They are developing age spots and wrinkles, but they have worked hard to take care of my family and others.  They clean the house, they sew gifts, they knead bread, they have held my babies and stroked their backs.  They are strong hands.

❤  I'm thankful for my gray hair (though it's covered with color at the moment).  It means I've lived a long, healthy life.  I've had very little sickness or injury in my life.  I've never had anything major health wise.  It's been good.

❤  I'm thankful for my aging eyes.  My eyes have always been bad and it is getting harder to see in certain circumstances.  But I'm thankful because I have seen many things in my life.  Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Oceans, lakes, streams, seas and ponds.  Wildlife and wild flowers.  This is such a beautiful world and I hope I get to see more of it.

❤  I'm thankful for a solid body.  I'm not a delicate little flower.  I have worked hard and have good stamina.  I am thankful that my focus is more on being healthy and less about being a number on the scale.  I am thankful that my husband loves me no matter how wide or how thin I am.  There are many guys (I dated one in high school) who were obsessed with looks.  I married a gem!

❤  I'm thankful for the personality I have.  Sometimes, I think I should be quieter and more demure.  But then I think that I should embrace the personality that God gave me.  I love to laugh.  I'm a leader.  I'm outspoken.  I love people.  I am bold.  It's who I am and I should love that about myself.

❤  I'm thankful for a soft heart. I am sensitive to others and feel things pretty deeply.  I wish it wasn't so at times, but then I know that God uses that in so many ways.

My friend also sent me this little meme and I thought it said it perfectly.  God made me and then He sat back and said, "It is good!"