Monday, January 23, 2017

Multitude Monday

I realized this morning that it's been an entire week since I blogged.  A lot of my blogging/writing throughout the years has come through my inspiration I find in nature, as well as through daily happenings with my children.  However, since moving here, winters are hard for me to find that inspiration.  It's dreary and gray all the time with very little change.  My children are older - Nathan is out and working and Stephen is out of the house at college and Emily is a senior.  There isn't a lot of "cute" stuff that happens with those age groups.  lol

So, my writing has dried up a bit.  There are only so many posts I can do of the same things - food, my shop, the same landscape over and over.  I'm pretty sure no one wants to read a blog post about laundry!  😉

Anyway, I'm rambling.  All that was just to comment that it's been a week since I blogged.  Today is Monday and I'm trying to list my blessings for the week.  I've been doing this for a while now and I'm almost at 3,000! 

This week I'm thankful for blessings #2871 - 2880.

2871.  A better week at the shop. 

2872.  Emily has been making dinner a few nights a week and it's been wonderful to come home and not have to worry about it.

2873.  Stephen has to do an internship this semester.  He is able to do one portion of it at our church when he comes home in March.  He struggled this past semester because he was sick most of it which always wreaks havoc with his anxieties.  So for the first time ever he failed a class.  He is supposed to be graduating in May and I'm thankful that this class was offered again for the spring semester and he can retake it.  Please pray that he does better the second time around. 

2874.  I'm thankful that even though Nathan still wants to find a full-time job (his hours keep getting cut), he does like the job he has and comes home cheerfully each day.

2875.  Dan & I were able to get together with friends last night for dinner and then to attend an installation service for a fellow pastor. 

2876.  A reminder from the Lord during the service last night that I am doing what I should be.  I want to reach out to those in this community and the only way to do that is to be out in the community.  Sometimes, I doubt that I made the right decision with the shop, but it's been a great tool to get to know people and minister to others.  I've had many come in to the shop that have opened up and shared some burdens with me and I've been able to share a bit of God's love with them, as well as pray for them.

2877.  We had our last ladies Bible study for a while this past Wednesday and it's been a good one.  I'm working on a 12 week study of the book of James and the ladies in my church were my "focus-group".  We were challenged by this little book but it was a good hurt!

2878.  My husband makes me laugh all the time.  He has such a good sense of humor.  It certainly makes life enjoyable.

2879.  I'm thankful for a few days of very warm weather for January.  It was almost 50 yesterday.  Of course, the snow is coming back tomorrow, but it's been nice to have a bit of a reprieve.

and finally...

2880.  My morning cup of coffee.  The best thing of every day. 😍