Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Happy Place

It's been quiet in my shop the past two weeks as I knew it would be.  Christmas is over and January is a dead month in most businesses of my kind.  People have spent their money, there are no major holidays and so no need to shop.  I've had a few customers but it is fairly quiet.  However, I'm so thankful that I have other things to occupy me while I'm waiting for customers. 

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday working on correspondence, newsletters and other items that need to go out this month for our Great Commission Women's organization.  As I sat typing, I realized once again how blessed I am to be able to combine all the things I love! 

I have a heart for missions and our international workers and am able to help support them through encouragement and prayer.  I also love being able to encourage the women in our district churches to also support missions in my role as director.  I love staying in touch through email and social media. 

I love organizing events and I get to do that a few times a year.  We have a large retreat coming up in late April and I'm working on that now, along with a planning committee.  There are a number of smaller events as well that I am working on and there have been events through our church that I get to organize.

I also love to create and sew and of course, I get to do that for my shop, as well as for gifts for family and friends.  I have something on my sewing table now that is being turned into a gift for my father-in-law.

I love people and being out in the community makes me very happy.  I love chatting with the customers that come in and meeting new people.  It's a way to connect and I've also been able to encourage and minister to a few.

So I'm in my happy place - encouraging, organizing, creating and networking!  It can't get any better than that. ;-)