Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday Words of Encouragement

Psalm 119:25-32 (HCSB) ~

My life is down in the dust;give me life through Your word.
I told You about my life,
and You listened to me;
teach me Your statutes.
Help me understand
the meaning of Your precepts
so that I can meditate on Your wonders.
I am weary from grief;
strengthen me through Your word.
Keep me from the way of deceit
and graciously give me Your instruction.
I have chosen the way of truth;
I have set Your ordinances before me.
I cling to Your decrees;
Lord, do not put me to shame.
I pursue the way of Your commands,
for You broaden my understanding.

Imagine you are given the answer to all of your problems.  There is an answer to every pain, sorrow, burden and issue you face but you refuse to accept the answer.  Instead,  you try to find the solution in social media, or you worry about it, or talk about it with your friends and family.  You do everything in your power to solve it, but never once accept the answer that is right before you.

I have been guilty of this at times.  When I'm facing heartache, stress, or numerous other burdens I tend to want to wring my hands and worry.  I spend my nights, tossing and turning and stressing about it.  Yet, the answer is right in front of me and that same answer is available to us all - the word of God.

King David recognized where the source of his strength and wisdom lay.  It was in the word of the Lord.  Every single issue you face has an answer.  Yet, we have to pick up this answer and read it.  We have to turn off the distractions in our lives and spend time with the Lord.  Instead of running to our keyboard or the phone or television, we need to pick up God's word and see what the Lord has to say about our situation.

Have you spent time in His instruction today?  When was the last time you actually spent time in prayer and had a quiet time?  It's easy to get out of the habit and yet, that one daily event is the answer to all that we face each and every day. 

I want to encourage you to look to the Lord for your answers.  Why not start today?