Monday, April 3, 2017

Multitude Monday

Yesterday afternoon the following song kept running repeatedly through my head.

Wny?  As I reflected back on the week, I thought of the following situations that either I faced or friends face...

  • I was down with the stomach bug for much of the week.
  • A friend has an inoperable brain tumor
  • Another friend is in the hospital with seizures and the doctors are trying to figure out why
  • Our car died on the side of the road yesterday
  • Our finances are always extremely tight and now made tighter
  • Stephen has to go another semester of college because of a glitch in his credits
So many concerns, and yet that song, "Blessed Be Your Name" was playing over and over again.  God's name is blessed.  I am blessed.  Why?

Because, as the song says, my heart will choose to say, "Blessed be Your name."  Thankfulness is a choice.  And I am choosing to remain thankful today and trusting that God will provide exactly what we all need at the moment we need it.

Choosing thankfulness also means that I'm choosing to be peaceful and resting in His promises. And that makes this Monday one in which I am feeling a multitude of blessings!