Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Great Are You, Lord!


Yesterday was such a beautiful day which involved a number of activities.  I worked on an upcoming leadership retreat as I soaked up some vitamin D.   I cleaned my bathrooms.  I did laundry.  I made chunky black bean chili.  I walked a mile and a half through the woods. 

All such different activities, but ones which brought me contentment.  I'm content because I truly have seen God's hand on my life the past three months.  I've seen rapid healing in my leg.  I've gotten clarity over what I should be doing.  I'm content that all three children are home at the moment and I'm enjoying each moment with them.  I'm trying my best to live simply and within our means and that brings satisfaction. 

Life is full of ebb and flow, but I'm assured that no matter which part of it I'm in, God is walking beside me.  That is such wonderful knowledge.  His breath in my lungs makes it all worthwhile. Great are You, Lord!