Sunday, May 7, 2017

When Your Heart Soars Like the Birds

This afternoon, Dan and I headed to the lake so I could take a few pictures.  When I got there, the temptation was great so I ended up taking the brace off my leg so I didn't have to keep adjusting it as it tends to slide down my leg when I move around.

I had planned on just hobbling over to the bank of the lake so I could take some pictures.  Lake Ontario is cresting high and there has been some flooding and concerns over the rising water.  However, as I gingerly walked I realized that I wasn't limping at all.  I walked over to the lake and got my pictures, but then said to Dan let's walk into the woods a bit. 

The closer to the lake you get, the colder it is and today it's been especially chilly.  I figured if we went into the woods it would at least be warmer.  As we walked and talked, I snapped pictures.  As most of you know here my very favorite place of all is the woods, and another favorite is photography. 

I cannot express how my spirits lifted and my heart felt joyful.  I was in my element.  But more than that, as we walked I realized that my leg felt really good.  I was careful and made sure I kept my eyes on the path so I wouldn't step on a loose stone or stick, but I managed to walk a mile without the brace and with no pain.  Even after I got home, the leg still feels good.  It's still a bit weak and wobbly and stiff but as the physical therapy and exercise begins, I think that will subside.

I'm so thrilled with how things progressed.  I'm thankful for God's healing touch.  And I feel wonderful on this spring day when I finally was able to break free of the bondage (brace) that had been weighing me down!  I'm headed to the doctor's in the morning and I'm hoping that he will say I'm done with it.  But whatever happens, it felt good to be free for the afternoon.