Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pulling Weeds

For the past 3 months, I've been going non-stop with retreat/event planning.  I still have a couple more to go, but there is some space in between, so I  have some time to get to odds and ends around my house. 

Apparently, weeds sprung up overnight in the flower beds around my house and barn and it's a jungle out there!  Totally overwhelming.  And my house feels the same way.  There are piles of papers and "stuff" sitting everywhere. 

So I'm weeding out both inside and out.  It kind of reminds me of my life.  If I'm not attentive weeds begin to spring up - bad habits and attitudes.  If I don't pull them immediately, a jungle of them begin to take over my life and I end up with a giant mess.

I decided the outdoor weeds are too much to tackle all at once so I'm trying to spend about 20-30 minutes a day out there, pulling them up.  Just doing it the past few days has made a difference in some spots.  Obviously, behind the barn is going to need a lot more work, but I'm enjoying being out in the fresh air and getting it done.

As I pull the weeds, it gives me time to reflect on the weeds I may have growing within me too.  I'm working on yanking those out too!  That's a bit more painful, but necessary, if I want those sweet flowers to grow.