Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Night Inside My Head

I've always had extremely vivid and crazy dreams.  In fact, I usually love falling asleep because it's like a movie reel going on inside my head.  Dan often comments that I have the wackiest dreams.  Last night was no different.  I usually can remember them in great detail though there have been times when I forget them as I wake up.

I'm writing this one down because I woke up laughing. I'll use names because my friends who were featured in it will know who they are.  This one featured many from church.

The first part of the dream featured a large fellowship hall and myself and a few ladies were setting up for some sort of graduation celebration for someone at church.  (Hmmm....I wonder who? lol).  But this party was being done in waves.  One group came in, we cleaned up and reset the place for the second group which was supposed to be either later that day or the next day. 

I remember taking off table cloths that were covered with food and telling Holly that I was going to shake them off outside.  I was chatting for a while with Ted and Heidi, and Tom and Deb, and by the time I came back in Holly had all the tables set up, and beautiful decorations all around that included photos in antique frames of her wedding.  I remember thinking that I need to let others use their gifts more.

The second part of my dream featured us having Friend's Sunday and being in a huge auditorium.  We had tons of visitors.  It was towards the end of the service and Dan was preaching, but I was talking with this young couple in the pew who were visiting.  I was telling them all about our church.  Then these children filed in from children's church and I wanted them to come back so I told them I had a treat for them after the service.  I remember telling them who I was, that I was the Children's Ministry Director so I was their boss. I remember wanting to tell them that so they didn't think I was just some stranger. LOL!!!

I could hear Pat talking loudly throughout the sermon to someone next to her.  She was saying that she has always hated church, but loved this one.  I remember telling her to zip it because we could hear her.  hahahaha  Then I remembered that we hadn't sung any of the songs we practiced, including one that Dan wrote.

The end of the service came and Dan was jumping up to go do the benediction (even though he had just been preaching).  But he kept stopping to talk with everyone all the way down the aisle.  I remember giving him "the look" to get up there.  In my dream he had long white hair and was wearing one of those head microphones.  

When he got to the podium there was a penguin standing there and Frank and Joe were trying to chase it off the platform and Dan disappeared.  I told the couple next to me that he was probably afraid of it.  Then he finally got there and started doing the benediction but everyone was talking through it.

Dan told everyone to come back next week because Carol Burnett would be there. 

Then I woke up.  Laughing.

Crazy night!  And now you know what a typical night inside my head is like. I hope we can still be friends.  lol