Carving out Space in a Chaotic World

Normally I write a couple of times per week on this blog. However, I realize that it has been eleven days since I've even looked at it. That shows that it's been a busy few days. 

I went to a conference in Ohio, have been preparing for upcoming speaking engagements, have had a number of meetings, church ministry and on and on. 

But despite the busyness I've been at peace. And I attribute that to taking time each day to carve out space to hear from the Lord. I read and journal. I pray and listen. And I am learning to tune out the distractions that can so easily take over. 

I find that the distractions aren't so much due to a busy schedule, but in my own thoughts and anxieties. I can get caught up in worry and allow my brain to carry me down the road of trying to solve problems in my own strength instead of leaving them in the Lord's capable hands. I've been working on stopping the worry and praying instead.

It is so easy to allow distractions to keep us from listening. Activity and busy thoughts can quickly consume us, so intentionality is the key. I specifically set aside time each day to do what I need to do in order to carve out space for prayer and reflection. That means my phone is off, my laptop is closed and I find a spot to be by myself to talk to the Lord.

I want to encourage you to take some time each day to carve out space, disconnect from the world and lean in and connect to God. In the stillness He can speak. As we are quiet before Him, we will be able to hear what He wants to stay to us. 

This world is chaotic so be sure to carve out some time and space for the Lord. It will make all the difference in how your day goes.


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