Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Award

Tina nominated me for an award. Thank you, Tina! That was really sweet of you.

This will actually give me an opportunity to let you all know how much I've enjoyed getting to know everyone the past few months. I've met so many really neat people through this blog. I sometimes feel badly that I don't always respond to your comments. However, I do read them all and enjoy them and I try to respond here or there as I can.

I have to remember that my family is my priority and I literally could spend all day on here if I let myself. Yet, I have children to educate, a household to run, and a church to help my husband minister to. So I work hard to limit my online time. I'm trying to spend some time early in the morning and then maybe 5 minutes here and there, as I finish different tasks.

Anyway, I wanted to say this so that you will all know that if I don't respond to your comments it's nothing personal. I love comments and I hope you'll keep posting them! I just can't always respond to each one every day.

Thank you again, Tina!