Saturday, August 16, 2008

Melt Down

Sometimes I have to remember that I do not have super-human strength. I need to realize that I can't do it all. I try to be that way but then something will cause me to snap and I realize that I actually do have a limit.

Thursday and Friday were days where I just couldn't keep it together. I kept having mini-meltdowns and losing it. I felt overwhelmed, depressed and discouraged by the smallest things. Small and not so small emotional explosions were happening all over the place.

I sat down to ponder why I was losing it. Then I realized that in the four weeks so many things have been happening. Since July 15th....

* I have cleaned an entire house from top to bottom.

* I painted a room.

* We moved an entire house.

* I cleaned the old house from top to bottom.

* We moved an entire church.

* I cleaned the old church building from top to bottom.

* I unpacked and put away not only my stuff but found space for some of the church things here as well.

* We had two church services in the new place which is a huge adjustment. It requires us to carry things to the building, set up and tear down each Sunday.

* I'm trying to plan three major events here in the next month and a half - a ladies luncheon, a church picnic and a Fall Festival for the town.

* I've had numerous people dropping by.

* I've gone to a graduation party.

* This past week I've babysat 2 little girls all day one day and 2 other girls for two hours the other day.

* Emily has had friends over at least twice a week since we've moved in.

* We've hosted our small group here.

* Went to a homeschool support meeting 45 minutes away.

* Went to someone's house for lunch.

* Tutored a child in math 4 times.

* Had a church board meeting here.

* We've gone to court with someone from church as a support.

* We've had company for dinner twice.

This has been on top of grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, weeding, setting up house, and church business. This week I attempted homeschooling on top of it all and I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back!

So I told Dan that other than the babysitting job I have on Tuesday, I'm doing nothing but homeschooling my children this work week. No visitors, no going anywhere, no nothing! I'm hosting a luncheon here on Saturday but that is a monthly event and I just have to provide the place and the drinks. Everyone else brings something.

It's time to regroup and refocus and rest in the Lord! No more meltdowns!