Friday, September 5, 2008

A Different Persepective

Riding in a car for 8 1/2 hours certainly gives you time to think and pray about things. Every now and then I have one of these blinding revelations that can only be from the Lord. I'm not that smart to come up with them myself! ;-)

As a mother, my heart has been so hurt and anxious about Nathan. My oldest struggles with many things - severe learning disabilities, tourette's syndrome, kidney problems, allergies, and speech issues to just name a few. He is 17 years old and in the 10th grade but his reading and math levels are about 5th grade and his writing skills even lower. I've been so worried about his future. Where will he work? How will we get him the manual skills he needs to make it in this world? Dh is a wonderful pastor but he just doesn't have the manual labor skills that would be needed to teach Nathan a trade.

However, as we were riding back from PA, a thought struck me. I need a different perspective. The Lord has allowed so much in this one child's life. Why? What purpose would there be for this? I think that Dan & I both have lowered our expectations. We have put God in a box. We've lost the perspective that the God of the universe knew exactly what He was doing when He created Nathan. We've lost focus of all the positive things that make Nathan who he is. Nathan is: compassionate, a hard worker, tenacious, resourceful, and he loves the Lord. He struggles with so many things yet he has a wonderful grasp of the scripture and how to apply it to any situation.

One assignment that I've given Nathan to do this year is to write his testimony (with my help) of how God is working in his life. Then I want him to share it in church and at least 2 other places. I think that if he can get comfortable with speaking in front of people, he has a wonderful testimony to share! He shared a bit of what the Lord is doing in his life on the January 8th post of this blog.

So, this is my different perspective. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Lord will work.