Monday, December 15, 2008

Sick Kiddo

Well, all my plans got scrapped today as I dealt with a very sick child. Nathan has been struggling with allergies for years now. His latest trip to the ear, nose and throat specialist resulted in a CAT scan. We are still awaiting the results.

He is pretty ill today. He is running a fever, has a sore throat, wheezing and can barely breathe. We ended up in the doctor's office just to find that it is still all related to his allergies. So, he is now on another medication. This makes 5 different kinds of medications he is taking for various problems.

I feel bad because I had a fire burning in the fireplace all day on Saturday which triggered his asthma. His allergies are so frustrating to deal with because there is not a whole lot we can do. He is severely allergic to dust mites and it seems to be getting worse. Unfortunately, when he is sick, it also causes him to have even more tics from the Tourette's Syndrome.

He just threw up because of all the gunk running down his throat and told me he hopes tomorrow is a better day. Poor guy. :-(