Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!


Today is my father-in-law's birthday. I'm not always the most demonstrative in person and usually do a much better job saying what I feel in writing. So I thought that I would tell you a bit about my wonderful father-in-law.

First of all, he always looks so serious in pictures but he has a wonderful sense of humor. My kids love him and are always talking about how silly grandpa is. One of the things he always does when he sees Emily is say, "Hello Suzie!" So one day she wrote him a letter and told him to remember the next time he saw her that her name was Emily. LOL

He loves the Lord. He took his children to church at an early age and tried to raise them to love and serve the Lord themselves. It is very important to him that his children follow the Lord Jesus.

He loves his family! I think one of the most wonderful examples he gave to his sons is that family comes first. He was home every night when Dan was growing up. He wasn't out hanging with his buddies but he spent his spare time with his family. He would rather be with his family than anywhere else.

He is responsible. He worked hard his whole life and raised a family of 4 children on one income. He is very frugal and taught his children how to handle money. I think that is a wonderful example especially in this day and age when so many people seem to think debt is a way of life. He managed to raise a family without being in debt.

Is he perfect? No, but he is a wonderful father and father-in-law. He doesn't always express it with words but he loves his family. He is in the midst of some major health issues and yet seems to take it all in stride.

So, I wanted to say Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you!